Muammar Gaddafi, a prominent politician and theorist, left an indelible mark on Libya’s history. From his early days in Sebha to his rise as a powerful leader, Gaddafi’s journey was shaped by his passion for Arab nationalism and socialism.

Inspired by Gamal Abdel-Nasser, Gaddafi organized protests against colonialism and was expelled from school for his activism. He joined the military, plotting a coup to overthrow King Idris and take control of Libya.

Initially, Gaddafi’s socialist policies and nationalist rhetoric gained him support, but his regime was later marred by corruption, military interventions, and human rights abuses. Despite this, he made amends with Western leaders and Libya became a significant oil supplier to Europe.

One of Gaddafi’s most ambitious projects was the Great Man-Made River (GMR), a multi-billion dollar endeavor to bring water to Libya’s desert regions. Launched in 1987, the project involved drilling 1,300 wells and building a 2,800 km network of underground pipes to supply water to cities and agricultural land.

The GMR was a testament to Gaddafi’s vision and determination, providing drinkable water to 90% of Libya’s population. Despite the country’s harsh desert landscape, Gaddafi’s project brought hope and life to the region.

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Gaddafi’s legacy is complex and multifaceted, marked by both achievements and controversies. However, the Great Man-Made River remains a remarkable achievement, a tribute to his leadership and innovative thinking….S££ MOR£

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