The Israel Defense Forces will unquestionably be recognized as one of the world’s most advanced militaries.

When it comes to land, air, and sea power, their military is among the best in the world. They have fought and won numerous wars, including the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, the Reprisal operations (1951–1956), the Sinai War (1956), the Six-Day War (1967), the War of Attrition, etc.

What makes them thus strong is because they have modern military technologies most notably the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Here are some photos of the F-15l Thunder, Israel’s deadliest fighter plane.

The F-15l is an improved version of the McDonnell Douglas F-15E Eagle designed for use in a variety of missions in all weather conditions. The F-15l was built for long-range, high-speed interdiction in the 1980s without the requirement for escorting or electronic warfare aircraft.

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Over a decade of service has resulted in more over 100 F-15 victories and no air-to-air losses, making it a highly effective fighter aircraft. The F-15, however, was created with air superiority missions in mind, not ground attack.

It has a length of 63 feet, a wingspan of 42 feet, and a height of 18 feet; its crew complement consists of two people (the pilot and a weapon systems officer)….S££ MOR£

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