1. Brazil

In the Federative Republic of Brazil, a large county in South America, Catholic Church is, according to Wikipedia, the largest Christian religion in the country, where most of the Brazilian population are Catholics, making Brazil one of the countries in the world with a very large population of Catholics.

2. Mexico

Mexico, a nation found in the southern part of North America and nestled between the United States, Guatemala, and Belize, has a very large population of Catholics. Roman Catholicism is one of the most dominant religions in the country and is practiced widely.

3. Philippines

A country located in the Eastern part of Asia, the Republic of Philippines has a very large population of Catholics.

4. Italy

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Italy, a country located in the Southern part of Europe, is predominately Roman Catholic, with large number of citizens practicing it. The country has one of the largest population of Catholics in the world.

5. USA

In the United States, a country located in the Northern part of America, Roman Catholic is one of the dominant religions. The country has a very large Catholic population in the world….S££ MOR£

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