Senator Lindsey Graham, on his verified Twitter account, has voiced a stern warning regarding Ukraine’s vast reserves of critical minerals, estimated to be worth trillions of dollars.

He expressed grave concern over the potential for these resources to fall into Russian hands, stating that such an outcome would not only bolster Russia’s economy but also potentially benefit China.

“Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to access that money and those resources because he will share it with China,” Graham emphasized.

This statement underscores the geopolitical implications of Ukraine’s mineral wealth, which includes essential elements like lithium, nickel, and rare earth metals crucial for high-tech industries and clean energy technologies.

Graham’s remarks reflect the broader strategic anxieties within the U.S. about the burgeoning alliance between Russia and China, particularly in the context of global resource control. The senator’s warning suggests a heightened urgency in ensuring that Ukraine’s mineral wealth remains out of adversarial hands, aligning with the U.S.’s broader foreign policy goals of countering Russian and Chinese influence on the world stage….Sée Móre

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