An accomplishment of this magnitude would be mind-boggling for any living person. Following his death, Michael Jackson was able to accomplish this accomplishment.

Since going solo in 1971 and releasing his debut solo album in 1979, the Indiana-born singer and King of Pop had been on the verge of becoming the ‘King of the Music World’ until his death. In case you didn’t know, the late performer was born and raised in a musical family known as “The Jacksons.”

While this was going on, Michael had earned a slew of trophies throughout his career in addition to becoming one of the best-selling music artists of all time and the most successful performer in history. It was a remarkable 15 Grammy honors and 39 Guinness World Records that the 50-year-old had amassed.


In his lifetime, Michael Jackson was one of the wealthiest performers on the planet, and despite his death, the King of Pop continues to amass wealth. Almost two billion dollars have been acquired by Michael since his death in 2009.

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Consider the fact that, according to Forbes, in 2016, Michael Jackson became the first celebrity (alive or dead) to earn $825 million in a single calendar year, surpassing Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali. Since his death, Michael has also maintained his position as the highest-earning deceased star.



Obviously, a dead guy has little or no need for money, so the key issue here is, ‘where do these profits go?’ To be more specific, according to Michael’s will, 40% of his assets were distributed to his children, 40% were sent to his mother, and the remaining 20% was distributed to charitable organizations….S££ MOR£

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