A Nigerian university student, Rita, has gone viral after sharing a heart-wrenching video of her experience as the sole student studying Statistics in her entire university.

The 300-level student at Dennis Osadebay University revealed the challenges she faces, including an overwhelming workload and lack of peer support. In the trending clip, Rita is seen sitting alone in a lecture hall with only her lecturer present.

Rita expressed her struggles, stating that she has to bear the burden of understanding complex concepts without the benefit of discussing with fellow students.

She lamented that if she forgets a concept, she has to seek additional help from her lecturers, which can be stressful, especially close to exam periods.

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Rita recalled feeling devastated when she first discovered she would be the only student in her course, and her lecturers’ reassurances that it wouldn’t be difficult proved to be untrue.

The video sparked empathy and reactions from social media users, with some sharing their own experiences with challenging courses.

@mirabelll joked that nobody would willingly join her in studying Statistics, while

@thahotchickito wondered why Rita chose such a demanding course, sharing their own nightmare experience with the subject in 200 level.

Rita’s courageous sharing of her struggles has resonated with many, highlighting the importance of peer support and community in academic pursuits….S££ MOR£

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