Chief Charles Beke, the Coordinator of the Simplified Movement in Emohua Local Government Area (LGA), recently expressed solidarity with Governor Siminalayi Fubara amidst the political turmoil in Rivers State. Speaking at the flag-off ceremony for the construction of the Elele-Omoku road in Egbeda, Emohua LGA, Beke publicly apologized to Governor Fubara for the disrespectful behavior exhibited by some indigenes of the local government.

In a video posted by TVC news, Beke conveyed his apology to Governor Fubara and the people of Rivers State, acknowledging the inappropriate conduct of certain individuals who resorted to insulting the Governor. He lamented the lack of respect shown towards the office and person of the Governor, emphasizing the importance of upholding the dignity of constituted institutions.

Beke criticized those who insulted Governor Fubara, attributing their disrespectful behavior to a deficiency in upbringing and a disregard for the principles of integrity and pedigree. He argued that individuals who fail to demonstrate respect for the office of the Governor cannot lay claim to integrity or lineage, as proper parental upbringing instills values of respect for constituted authority.

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The Coordinator of the Simplified Movement highlighted the significance of respecting constituted institutions as a fundamental aspect of societal values. He underscored the importance of parental guidance in shaping individuals’ behavior and instilling principles of respect for authority, suggesting that those who engage in disrespectful conduct may have lacked proper upbringing.

Hear him: “I want to stand today to render an apology to His excellency and the entire people of Rivers State for some of our sons who have not guided their utterances, and opened their mouth in the public to insult the office and the person of the Governor of Rivers State. They claimed that they are people of integrity and they claimed that they have pedigree.

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But we were brought up to respect a constituted institution. So any child that does not respect the office of the Governor does not have an integrity, neither does he have a pedigree. Because any child that has a pedigree, their father must have brought them up properly. Probably because they lack parental upbringing that is why that pedigree aspect is missing.”….S££ MOR£

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