Amid the controversy over the anti-open grazing bill, Human Rights Lawyer Maxwell Opara expressed dissatisfaction and irritation with the senators who spoke against the ban on open grazing in Nigeria. He stated that he expected the former governor of Gombe State, who spoke against the anti-open grazing bill, to say all his children are in the bush rearing cows. He made this statement, pointing out that all those senators who opposed the anti-open grazing bill, their children are either in the UK or the US receiving the best education.

(Anti-grazing laws were enacted by several States in Nigeria as a result of the incessant conflicts between farmers and herders over scarce land and water resources.)

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Speaking further in an interview with AIT, he stated that before anyone can say students who just graduated should go into the bush and start rearing cattle, that person should also tell Nigerians which bush their children are in rearing cattle.

In a video from 32:56, According to him, “Before you say we should allow open grazing migration, that children should come out of school and go into the bush and rear cows, they (Senators) should tell us where their children are. I expected the former governor of Gombe State, Mohammed Danjuma Goje to say that he has five children, and all of them are in the bush rearing cows.”….Sée Móre

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