Popular Nigerian Actor, Joseph Benjamin was recently on the Teju Baby Face Show and he spoke about a lot of things. During the show, Joseph revealed that the first time he relocated to America, his phone was buzzing and producers were asking him when he would come to Nigeria because they had gigs for him, but he couldn’t go back to Nigeria because he doesn’t have enough money to buy a ticket.

“In his Words”

“My phone was buzzing like ‘Ahh when are you coming back to Nigeria, we have this gig for you’. I’m like ehh, here I was Teju, 1500 dollars was all I came to America with, how do I buy a ticket to go back to Nigeria Teju? I promise you because my life prior to then was so disorganized in the sense that, I didn’t have a proper saving culture, all of the monies I was making in Nigeria because my life was a mess”.

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“So here I am, I sold everything off in Nigeria, I sold my car, gave out like 90 percent of all of my belongings, my possessions in Nigeria, I was like ‘Ahh I’m going to America, Live a good life and all of that stuff’. So here I am, how do I buy a ticket to go back to Nigeria and then I was like Lord what do I do and then God is saying to me that now welcome to the life that I arranged for you, all this was proposed by design”, Joseph Benjamin said.

Teju Baby Face shared the video on his official instagram page and it stirred massive reactions from the general public….Sée Móre

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