In a recent video on YouTube, Pastor Paul Enenche highlighted the transformative power of having a clear vision, particularly in the context of financial commitment to evangelism. He shared an inspiring testimony about how a specific vision can lead to practical steps and eventual fulfillment.

According to him, “When you have a vision that “Lord, my vision is to drop a million dollars every year or every quarter for the evangelization of the lost to rake in the harvest of souls and I am trusting you out of this property business, out of this commodities business to arrive at that resources. Lord, this is my vision” and you have the picture in your mind.”

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“One day, I signed the cheque in advance of how much I would like to give to God if I had such a money and placed it somewhere. I just stuck it here and there. It came to pass and came to pass. Now, see what happens. By the time that vision is intact, light begins to flood your head with what to do and steps to take to make this vision happen. Direction begins to flood, wisdom begins to flood.”….S££ MOR£

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