Have you ever felt like something inside you is changing? Here are five signs that you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening

1. Your thírd eye is open

This means you can see and understand things that others can’t. You might be able to see through lies and false ideas, and sense what’s about to happen. Use this gift to serve God’s purpose.

2. You’re no longer interested in material things

You’ve realized that there’s more to life than just physical possessions and pleasures. You’re seeking a deeper, spiritual connection with God and a more meaningful way of living.

3. You seek truth and question everything

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You’re no longer accepting things at face value. You want to know the truth about everything, including yourself. Keep asking questions and seeking answers, and you’ll discover that the truth is within you.

4. You remember past lives

You might feel like you’ve been here before or that you’ve known someone before. That’s because you’re an immortal being who has lived many lives. Death is just a transition to a new form of existence.

5. You understand we’re all connected

You realize that we’re all made of the same consciousness and are connected to each other and the world around us. There’s no separation between us and other lives on Earth. Spiritual awakening is a journey, and it’s okay to take your time….S££ MOR£

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