In a recent interview from 4:05, prominent Nigerian journalist Babajide Otitoju, while discussing the just ended strike, made a clear comparison between Adams Oshiomhole’s approach in leading strikes and the recent actions of the current Union leaders.

Recall that some union workers had shut down the national grid, leaving the country in darkness during Monday’s statewide strike.

In response to their actions, Otitoju stated that Adams Oshiomhole, who was a former president of the Nigeria Labour Congress, had successfully led strikes in the past without resorting to harsh tactics such as shutting down the national grid.

Part of his statement reads:

“I have known Oshiomhole as far back as when he was a union leader in AREWA, in Kaduna, where I started my career. Oshiomhole rose to become the president of the NLC. He fought Obasanjo on some occasions. He led this country to successful strikes, but he never went as far as switching off the national grid. Let people fact-check me….Sée Móre

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