In an exclusive interview with Punch News, Bosede Afolabi, the wife of an Ekiti-based Islamic cleric, Ahmed Ojo, who allegedly set his wife house on fire, said that at about midnight, a girl from her neighborhood came to inform her that her husband had set her house on fire.

This incident happened after her husband, Ahmed Ojo, said they should pray that night at around 11 p.m., but she declined and said she was tired. She had to call her neighbors to appease them, but she eventually left the house and slept in a neighbor’s house.

According to her statement, as stated by Punch News, “At about midnight, a girl from our neighborhood came to knock on the house to inform us that my house was on fire and that it seemed my husband had set the house on fire. I and some neighbors rushed to the scene, only to see that the whole building had been engulfed in fire. Before we could get help in putting the fire out, the building had been razed. He was later caught and handed over to the police.”

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She continued, “What I observed that night was that he was drunk, which was why I tried to avoid the escalation of the disagreement that ensued on that fateful day. He often comes home drunk sometimes, but we have not had any serious misunderstandings in the past.”

The Police Public Relations Officer of the State, Sunday Abutu, confirmed the incident and said that the suspect is under investigation….S££ MOR£

Wife Told Husband To Sleep On The Sofa After They Argued, The Next Morning This Happened

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