Rabies, a deadly viral disease, poses a significant threat to humans and animals alike. As a zoonotic disease, it can spread from animals to humans, making it crucial to identify the signs of infection in dogs. By understanding these warning signs, you can protect yourself and others from this fatal disease.

Here are the common signs that indicate a dog may have rabies:

1. Behavioral Changes

A friendly dog may become irritable, aggressive, or excited, growling, snarling, or biting without provocation.

2. Paralysis or Lack of Coordination

The dog may stumble, drag its legs, or show complete paralysis in its hindquarters.

3. Excessive Salivation and Difficulty Swallowing

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Rabid dogs drool excessively, with foamy saliva, and cannot swallow due to muscle paralysis.

4. Constant Agitation and Restlessness

Infected dogs pace around, unable to settle down, and appear restless.

5. Progressive Deterioration and Disorientation

Rabid dogs lose coordination and orientation, wandering aimlessly and appearing disoriented.

6. Unexplained Vocalization

Infected dogs produce unusual vocalizations, such as excessive barking, growling, or howling.

7. Increased Sensitivity to Light and Sound

Rabid dogs become hypersensitive to light and sound, reacting strongly to minor stimuli. If you notice any of these signs, keep a safe distance and seek professional help immediately….S££ MOR£

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